Allergy Information:
It contains harmful ingredients such as plastic, polyester.
In case of a bite, it can cause stomachache or a fine death.
〈incase of emergency〉
dial911;call mother & father
Colorfully fun and delicious sneakers and slides on a delicious journey.
The shoes are packed in candy bags
and cereal boxes that pay homage to classic candies and cereals that
we grew up with, sprinkled with fun and a dash of inspiration.
Don’t push me with
your fake functions!
Your shoes are made in a factory filled with
old smelly men who are couch potatoes.

So pay attention cause we got something
bursting at the seams
with coolness and awesomeness.
Why are people so easily tricked by big old
sportswear brands that only give us washed out
black and white colors?
You know what?

Shoes are the most boring market
in the fashion industry.
Why are we going to the Supermarket?
Do you get it?
Okay, let me make your mouth water.....
Are you ready to taste something totally sweet and delicious?
It will blow your mind!
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